Hope During Loss

As I began walking through my grief journey I soon discovered this path was like the waves in the ocean. Some days they are fierce and strong knocking me off my feet. Other days, they gently lap at my ankles, allowing me to stand tall and strong. As we navigate these waters together may you find hope and encouragement here, knowing you are not alone.

Latest from the Blog

Navigating Christmas

Recently, I watched the Hallmark movie Navigating Christmas. Of course, there was the typical boy meets girl scenario. At first, they are at odds with one another, followed by falling in love, then they kiss and live happily ever after! I imagine you’ve all seen one (or fifty) of these. Oh, if only real life worked…

Give a Little Kindness

There are times when I’m driving down the road I tend to get impatient. Have you ever found yourself running behind, and it’s at that exact moment when the person driving in front of you seems to be the slowest driver on planet Earth? This has happened to me more than once. However, since Melanie…

Thanksgiving and the Empty Chair

As this week begins all I can think about is how many of us will miss our loved ones on Thanksgiving and the empty chair facing us. If you are among the many with an empty chair at the table this year, you are seen, heard, and understood here. Grief is a challenging journey on…

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