Grief: Not Something to Rush Through

Have you noticed how the change of seasons impacts the heart? I’m not sure it has as much to do with the change of seasons as it does with the fact the change of seasons ushers in the holidays. It’s a time when all the world is “H-A-P-P-Y” and you may begin to feel forced into trying to feel that way, too. But, grief is not something to rush through.

As Summer begins to fade and Fall is upon us, I have always found that my heart begins to feel a bit low. My mother used to say, “I’m feeling a little blue today.” I guess that’s what I’m talking about. Just a sense of feeling a little down. Recently, I read a post by @griefandgrits that really spoke to my heart. I’d like to share it with you here today:

For a fleeting moment, I could feel a chill in the air. The beginnings of Fall. Pumpkins are everywhere. It’s the start of the “holiday season.”

As I wandered the aisles of a store, I spied the Christmas trees and decorations. I could feel my heart stir a bit, as I thought, how quickly we are asked to move through the holidays.

Whether ready or not, we are forced to look ahead. We haven’t moved through Halloween or Thanksgiving, and our hearts must find a way to jump toward what we might not yet be ready for.

Oh, how this reminds me so, of grief.

A grieving mind and body often feel frozen, as the rest of the world spins.

You may notice and even resent, that things keep moving when you can barely pull yourself up and out in the morning.

The evenings become increasingly more challenging, as they quickly begin to darken earlier and earlier.

You may be told…

Move on.
• Get over it and get to the next “stage.”
• It’s been long enough.

Grief is not something to be rushed through. There is nowhere to get to.

Take your time.






While the words, the sights, the sounds, and smells may be pushing your heart to move along, I hope you will hold your heart gently, right where it is, now.

~Reposted with permission by @GriefandGrits

I hope these words give you permission to feel what you are feeling. Remember, grief is not something to rush through. The world may be running ahead into the beginning of the holidays, but I encourage you to go at your own pace – whatever that is.

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