The Battle for Quiet Time

The older I get, time seems to be more elusive. The battle for quiet time has become my opponent. While walking this grief journey, there are times when every moment seems like a battle. So, what have the best Generals in the Army done when they are in a fight? They create a plan to conquer the enemy. This has become my goal. I treasure my quiet time so very much. Beginning the day in the peaceful serenity of the morning with a cup of coffee, my Bible, a favorite devotional, and my treasured journal is my favorite way to begin each day. But the battle for my quiet time has become my new enemy.   

Granted, this has been a busy season in life, but somehow my treasured time of day has taken on a new life, and I miss my old one and want it back. Do you feel that other things have crept into your quiet time and taken over?  

When Melanie first ran ahead to Heaven, I didn’t sleep much and found myself awake at 5:00 a.m. This time was my time. I wasn’t anyone’s wife, mother, or co-worker during those early morning hours. But it was my time as a daughter to be with my Heavenly Father. This was earmarked as the time between me and Jesus. When did the battle for quiet time even become a battle?   

Well, it didn’t take me too long to realize the major enemy of my time sits squarely in my right hand – my iPhone. Oh, I have such a love-hate relationship with it. It houses my entire life within its little 7″ oblong body. As scary as it sounds, I’ve let it become the thing that actually runs my whole life. It tells me when and where to come and go. It tells me when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary. It’s even become the substitute for the pages of my old, well-loved, treasured Bible that’s been through so much of life with me. Now if I want to read a passage of scripture, I can just pull it up on my Bible app!   

Oh, the battle for quiet time is real, and I recently woke up realizing I didn’t want to fight this battle anymore. I want my life back; the only way to do it is to take it back. Yes, I can do this! Cue the music from Rocky as he’s running up the steps in Philadelphia! I know what I can do – get rid of my phone! Great idea, right?! I picture in my mind all the women protesting for freedom in the 60s, many burning their bras! Now that was a statement, wasn’t it?! Freedom sounds good, but on second thought, I need my bra … and iPhone.

My Friends, sometimes we just need to take a moment and return to the basics. Life can be overwhelming in and of itself, then put a grieving heart in the midst of it, and life IS overwhelming on many days. We need and crave our quiet time. For some of us, it’s the key to surviving the day in front of you. I know I need to begin my day in the quiet presence of the Lord. He helps to calm my heart and all the worries within. He speaks peace to all that concerns me, and because I know Heaven is where my girl is, I want to remain as close to Him as possible.   

Today, I’m determined to reinstate a few things to regain control of some parts of my life. After pouring that first cup of coffee, I’ll sit quietly for a few minutes instead of first reaching for my phone. Instead of letting the world’s distractions take over, I will enjoy the peace and quiet of the moment. Before reading the latest comments on Facebook or Instagram, I’m determined to read my devotionals or Bible first. Then, I hope to spend a few moments writing in my journal – the place where God has met me repeatedly over the years. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, will you join me in taking back a tiny piece of your life? 

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  1. I’m right there with you Pat. Since my life was turned upside down in 2017, the struggle has been so real. Thanks for your encouragement!

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