Living on Earth with My Eyes on Heaven

Since Melanie ran ahead to Heaven, I’ve become more curious about the place that is now her home. Because that’s where my girl is, I want to know as much about Heaven as possible. As the years have passed, I realize I’m living on Earth with my eyes on Heaven.   

Have you thought of Heaven more now since your loved one died? Do you wonder what it’s like there? 

A few days before Melanie died, I downloaded the book, Imagine Heaven by John C. Burke. Even today, I cannot tell you why I did that. I didn’t wonder about Heaven then and don’t recall doing this, but God knew. He knew I’d need to read about His home and where Melanie was now living. So about 3 weeks after she died, I picked up my iPad and discovered it on my Kindle. It was not only eye-opening but also brought me a sense of peace as I got a small glimpse into what she must be experiencing now. 

People he interviewed had several things in common when they returned and told of their experiences. The bright light of Heaven is a common one and was confirmed by many. Others spoke of being escorted to Heaven by a family member, initially meeting God and other loved ones. So many told of the almost inexplicable beauty – the flowers, the sky, the water, the magnificent gold, and exquisite-colored gemstones. Even the food was talked about! One person said the fruit on the trees is like nothing compared to Earth. When they plucked a piece from the tree, another one immediately appeared. Heaven has no death – even when it comes to fruit trees!

I’m getting my certification as a Grief Educator, and it was recommended that we read, Within Heaven’s Gates by Rebecca Springer. She talks about meeting her brother-in-law as she got to Heaven and how he showed her the house he was building for her and her husband, readying it for their arrival. It reminded me of the scripture from John 14:1-4.

Another book I’m in the process of reading is Visits from Heaven by Pete Deison. Pete is a pastor from Dallas, TX, whose wife died by suicide. He was grappling with the stigma surrounding death by suicide, as many feel it’s a sin to die in this manner. His wife was a strong Christian who loved the Lord but struggled with depression and mental illness. Pete went on a quest, digging into the scriptures to search for what the Lord says about this. Instead of pointing him toward suicide being a sin, Pete found quite the opposite. God was with his wife during her breakdown and death, and he is positive she is with the Lord today. 

Another good book is the firsthand account of Don Piper, who was in a horrific car crash and was declared dead. Miraculously he came back to life and recounts his story in the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. 

As for me, being a woman of faith, I have no doubt there is such a place as Heaven, and I am confident that is where Melanie is, along with my parents and many others who have gone before me. While I remain here, I’ll continue living on Earth with my eyes on Heaven. I’m confident it’s a place of beauty where there is no sickness, hatred, depression, anxiety, or fear. Only peace, love, and joy – all of Jesus’ qualities. If you too are a Believer we will all see him standing face-to-face one glorious day.

For this world is not our home; we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven. Hebrews 13:14 TLB

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5 thoughts on “Living on Earth with My Eyes on Heaven

  1. I also believe heaven is going to be a physical place for those who accepted Jesus as Savior here on earth. Others will be eternally separated from God and that glorious afterlife. I, too know that my son Adam is there. I am reading
    a book (slowly) by Randy Alcorn entitled, Heaven. Noone really knows, but I believe in a place free of all of those things you mentioned. If we can just learn to be at peace without our precious kids, the reward will be with the Believers at the end. Thank you for posting.

    1. Yes, Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven is another good one. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Child loss is a loss like no other. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you walk this grief journey and hold on tight to the promise that we do no grieve as others who have no hope. Our hope is in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. 🫂💜

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. My mother died when I was young and I spent years wondering what happens. One day I wanted lily of the valley in my garden and the next day a patch of tiny white bells showed up . The mean “return of happiness” I had a vision of my mother that night and it changed my life from grief and sadness. My brother passed years ago, when he was 28 and he sends me many messages. It’s really beautiful and fun. Heaven is really here on earth every day in the beauty we see. Blessings to you 🌷

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