International Bereaved Mother’s Day

Each year the week before Mother’s Day, the world observes International Bereaved Mother’s Day. This year it is on Sunday, May 7th. Who knew there was such a thing? I didn’t realize this until I needed to know. 💔

We acknowledge this day because no matter what the circumstance surrounding the death of our children, we would choose to be their mother over and over again. 

International Bereaved Mother’s Day was started in 2010 by Carly Marie Dudley, a woman who gave birth to a stillborn child. She wanted to help heal the hearts of other grieving mothers and wanted to let them know that they were not alone.

Although birthdays and angelversaries are hard, Mother’s Day is among the most challenging days for women worldwide. According to psychologists, losing a child is one of the worst traumas a human can experience.

A mother is the only person who can carry another human within her body, closely tucked under her heart for nine months. As a mother, when your child dies, you lose a piece of your own heart.

A mother not only loses her child but also all those hopes and dreams for the future they had looked forward to seeing with their child. 

It is often hard to talk about the death of our children. Child loss is an out-of-order death, and most people don’t know what to say. The most significant way to show support can be a hug, a text, or an email. Any mention of our child’s name, including sharing a story you remember about them, would mean so much to a bereaved mom. 

If you are a bereaved mother, know you are your child’s mother forever! Just because your child died doesn’t mean you’re no longer a mother. You always will be! 

I will be thinking of you on this day, sending much love and prayers for comfort.

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  1. Thank you for this information Pat, I did non know such a organization existed. As always your blogs are most informative and touch and comfort the hearts and minds of mother’s on the grief journey. Jean

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