Are You a Weary Traveler?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re dragging yourself through each day, wondering if you’ll be able to take the next step? If you’ve lost a loved one and find yourself on this road called grief, I’m sure there are moments when you are a weary traveler.

Weariness is part of the journey. Being broken is part of it as well. The good news (yes, there is some), one day there will come a time when we begin to piece ourselves back together.

Ever since Melanie ran ahead to heaven I refer to this road I’m traveling as the grief journey. As grievers, we may not be on a physical road, but we are on a journey, nonetheless. Webster’s refers to this type of journey as a way to describe in a figurative sense, a lengthy process or progress.

The road for a griever is often filled with sharp, unexpected twists and turns. There are also times when the road although not straight, has stretches of smoothly paved pathways. Oh, how grateful I am for those days.

But what about all those other times when our journey is more like a construction zone. Our minds are filled with the memories, the what-ifs, and the I wishes.

If you’ve ever driven through construction on a roadway I’m sure you’ll agree it’s chaotic, busy, and stressful. There are so many similarities to road construction and grief. We have to be on high alert to the constant changing of lanes (our thoughts), unexpected vehicles entering and leaving the roadway (people trying to help). The zigging and zagging in between the lane changes, the large cones, and the warning signs can cause the strongest of people to become weary and beaten down.

When life is wearing you down and you don’t feel as if you can take one more step, remember, this is temporary. Just hold on. Take a breath. Then turn your eyes and heart toward the Son and have confidence that you are not walking this road alone.

Weary traveler
Beat down from the storms that you have weathered
Feels like this road just might go on forever
Carry on

You keep on givin’
But everyday this world just keeps on takin’
Your tired heart is on the edge of breaking
Your tired heart is on the edge of breaking
Carry on

Weary traveler, restless soul
You were never meant to walk this road alone
It’ll all be worth it so just hold on
Weary traveler, you won’t be weary long

No more searching
Heaven’s healing’s gonna find where all the hurt is
When Jesus calls we’ll lay down all our heavy burdens
Carry on

Someday soon we’re gonna make it home

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