Christmas Memories

As the days inch closer to December 25th Christmas memories fill my mind and heart.

Memories can hurt and cause an ache and missing so deep within, but if we let them memories can also bring joy.

If we can choose joyful memories, then slowly glimpses of happiness like sunshine peeking out through the clouds after a rainstorm will begin to appear on the horizon of our heart.

Perhaps, even a smile will begin to frame our lips as we think back to a past Christmas when life was lighter, and grief not so present. Then maybe, just maybe, the sweetness of the memory will momentarily replace the hurt and aching within. 

It doesn’t mean we no longer miss our loved one, nor does it mean that we are leaving them behind. It’s in remembering the joyous moments where we can find ourselves feeling closer to those we miss.

Oh, I still miss my girl more than ever, but she also loved Christmas so very much. She was the first one to wake up. The first one to tear open a gift. The first one to count how many presents were under the tree as she separated them, doing this to make sure her brother didn’t get more than she did! 😊 This memory still makes me smile as I remember her beautiful light brown eyes and the mischief that always seemed to be sparkling within.

Today I sit here wrapped up in her blanket of love that I made for her during her last Christmas with us. As I remember, instead of sadness I am choosing joy. The joy that I feel knowing she was once wrapped up in this same blanket which makes me feel like she’s got her arms wrapped around me. Just remembering how much she treasured this blanket of love makes me smile.

Knowing Melanie is with our Savior, Jesus Christ, celebrating the day of his birth in heaven must be amazing, and something I can only imagine. So, although the missing never ends, I’m choosing to hold tight to all the Christmas memories I have of my girl, knowing one day we’ll be together again.

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