The Missing Never Ends

My childhood friend came to visit this past weekend. We have been friends since kindergarten and we can honestly say, we’ve done life together. This was her first visit since Melanie ran ahead to heaven and we found ourselves saying, the missing never ends.

Melanie may no longer be physically here on this earth, but we felt her presence throughout the weekend. One of her special songs began playing in the background as we wandered through a fall festival event, then long forgotten pictures of her began to appear on Alexa.

The missing never ends.

There is so much about the grief journey that is hard, but there are also those times when we simultaneously smile and cry as a beautiful memory creeps in. Have you found that to be true when you reminisce about your loved one?

Today, marks two years since a dear friend died in a car accident. His wife continues to grieve his loss, and although God has begun to heal her heart, there is a large piece of it that will always be missing.  Jerry had a big personality. Everyone who met him loved him. He had the biggest, brightest smile and I remember his greeting to me was always the same, “Hello Beautiful,” which was followed by a ginormous bear hug.

My heart is joined with my friend today as she remembers him on his 2nd angelversary. The missing never ends.

Never forget, showing our grief is a way to express all the love in our heart.  This is normal and we should share about our loved ones in the same way we would if they were still walking the earth today. Say their name. Share a story. Close your eyes and picture their face. 

The missing never ends, but neither does the love.

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