Two Simple Words – I’m Here

Recently, a friend shared a post with these two simple words – I’m here.  There was something about those two words that made me stop in my tracks.

If you know someone who finds themselves on this sad and oftentimes lonely road called Grief, take a moment and think about how important two simple words might be to those who find themselves on this journey.

I’m here.
I’m here for you.
I’m here to sit with you.
I’m here to walk beside you.
I’m here to hold your hand.
I’m here to cry with you.
I’m here to pray with you.
I’m here to help carry you.
I’m here to hold your heart.
I’m here to simply just be, with you.
I’m here.

Never forget there is power and life-giving strength by just being with a person who is grieving. Many times, there simply are no words, but sitting with someone, walking this journey beside them is all that matters. They will know they are not alone.

If you’re out there suffering a loss, feeling as if you have no one, please know there is hope during loss and, I’m here.

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5 thoughts on “Two Simple Words – I’m Here

  1. So very true. And the help may be needed months or even years later. Grief is a different and unpredictable journey for everyone. It was so helpful for me when people continued to ask how I was doing on my grief journey months and months later.

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