International Overdose Awareness Month

August is International Overdose Awareness month. People from every walk of life will come together on August 31st, Overdose Awareness Day, to gather in honor of their loved ones who died due to this disease.

Did you know that in 2020 we had the highest number of overdoses ever recorded? 81,000 people lost their lives to the disease of addiction. 

Now, one year later, the number currently on record has exceeded 93,000

The reason I continue to blog, pouring my heart out on these pages is because of the enormous grief I have after losing my daughter to the insidious disease of addiction.

I thought I knew a lot about addiction, after all I walked this road with my daughter for years. Unfortunately, I have come to realize there is still so much I wasn’t truly aware of. There were many times Melanie would say, “Mom you just don’t understand unless you’re walking in my shoes.”

Do you think you know about addiction?

  • Addiction is a brain disease.
  • The first time is a choice. Any time after that is not.
  • One time can kill you.
  • You cannot simply “just quit” once you start.
  • No one wants to be an addict.
  • Addicts don’t just live on the street or under bridges. They are your next-door neighbor. Your straight A student. Your college graduates. Your teacher. Your nurse. Your room mom.  

Addiction touches people of all backgrounds, despite race, religion, education, or social class.  People from all walks of life suffer from substance abuse or know someone who has. No one is exempt.

So, this year as we continue the fight to bring awareness to this disease, help remove the stigma and spread awareness to this disease.

As you drive around your town you may notice homes, government buildings, fountains, and office buildings lit up in purple. This is a sign of someone bringing awareness to the disease of addiction. We will continue to petition our government officials to provide help to our loved ones. 

Melanie’s Meadow

Next time you see someone struggling spread some love instead of judgment. Afterall, with statistics this high it could very well be your loved one next.

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6 thoughts on “International Overdose Awareness Month

  1. This disease is such a tragedy for the addicted person and all those who love them. You are doing a great service Pat, speaking out, sharing your heartache with the loss of Melanie, and educating people about the pain and sadness addiction brings about. We need more advocates, treatments, and resources for the treatment of this devastating disease. Jean

  2. ❤️❤️💕🙏 so true Patty. Addiction hits many people in many circles and after this past year I believe more people have become addicted which is so sad🙏. Thank you for sharing as always
    Love patty

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