Time – Does it Really Heal All Wounds?

Have you ever had someone tell you, “Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. Time heals all wounds.” I have. It didn’t make me feel any better, and quite frankly I didn’t believe them. Does time really heal all wounds? Perhaps there is some type of healing over time, but it may not happen exactly in the way we may imagine.

Even though time continues to slip further away since the last moment I saw my girl, I can’t say time has healed the wounds of my heart.

Though I continue to place my hope and trust in The One who promised to save those who are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18), I don’t believe time will ever completely heal or remove the loss I feel.

Grief, sadness, missing, and loss are all now a part of who I am.

Instead of time healing all wounds, grief has become my magnifying glass. I now see how little I really understood loss and heartache.

Ashamedly, I admit I once was one of those people. One who looked at someone on this journey and thought, “What’s wrong with her? Hasn’t enough time passed by? Life goes on, shouldn’t she be over it by now?” This is what society tells us, but it’s so far from the truth.  

The magnifying glass of grief has allowed me to see things in a way I never did before.  

It’s like a person who has had cataract surgery. Before surgery your vision is cloudy and dull. But once the bandage is removed you now see all you were missing.  Colors are more vivid, and objects so much sharper. You can see things so clearly now!

It’s unfortunate we must go through a tragic loss of a loved one to see things differently.  

For all of us on this journey, we can confidently move through our grief knowing whatever place we are in right now, is the right place for us. If it seems as if it’s been too long for others, remember, that is their problem, not ours.  

For me, I endeavor to walk in more grace, kindness, peace and understanding to those around me. Time may not heal all wounds, but as time goes by I am determined to love more and judge less.

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6 thoughts on “Time – Does it Really Heal All Wounds?

    1. @chris3654 I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. I found the 6 month mark to be a difficult one. Lifting you up today 💜🙏💜

  1. It is so true Pat, that we grow around our grief ,and in the process hopefully grow and learn to love more. That I believe is our purpose here on earth. It has been many years since the loss of our son Chris, and 3 years since the loss of our grandson Stephen. Sadness and missing are still very much a part of me. I too take comfort in Psalm 34;18. From my experience time does not completely heal or remove the feelings of loss. It is Faith and Hope in our God that carries us through life’s journey. Blessings and Love, Jean

    1. @pruitt13 I have long admired your strength and faith as you’ve walked through your own grief journey. 💜🙏💜

  2. For me, time has not “healed” per se. There is still a hole in my heart for the dearly loved ones who have gone on. But perhaps like you, time has provided distance and a different perspective. So now, some things are more important than others and I strive for more positivity and fewer judgments. More love and support and no grudges. More compassion and letting things go. A desire to be a better, stronger person for me and those I love who are still here. A VERY big lesson indeed.

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