Halloween Memories or Signs?

Although Fall is my favorite season, we are not a family that makes a big celebration out of Halloween. But, during this grief journey every memory that pops up on my timeline touches my heart in a special way, like this picture of Melanie with our son, Cameron. Oh, how I love those smiles!! I remember this day like it was yesterday instead of 11 yrs. ago!

As I was prepping for dinner last night I received a message from Shutterfly telling me I had memories! I want to say upfront that I haven’t used Shutterfly in about 9 years but since Melanie passed away all of a sudden I have begun receiving these emails periodically. Strange, don’t you think?! Some people call it a sign. I’m not certain about that, but before Melanie went on to heaven I never received these messages. Now every time I receive one and open it up, a beautiful picture of my girl pops up on my screen! Every, single memory revolves around her! Yes, I’ll take it as a sign!

For those of us walking this grief journey oftentimes the road is filled with much sadness, so on these rare and beautiful days where we can find small snapshots of happiness I wanted to share them with you. I hope these will add a small touch of sunshine to your day, as there is nothing like a child’s smile or laughter to raise our spirits.

This monkey business is scary stuff!
Toothless Grins are the Best

Wishing you all a beautiful Saturday. May God’s peace and comfort surround you today.

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Mom. Wife. Honey. Jesus-Girl. Love to travel, cook, make beautiful things grow and spend time with family & friends.

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