Overdose Awareness Day

This post is dedicated to each of you who have lost a loved one to overdose. I see you and I care. I’ve watched the videos, looked at hundreds of photos, and read countless heartbreaking stories of love, loss and grief. Today many will post pictures of our loved ones on social media, fly beautiful purple balloons from our homes, porches will be filled with beautifully hand-painted chairs, candles will be lit and in some states flags will fly at half-staff. We will continue to fight on behalf of others, so they will not have to walk this same road. You are stronger than you think and I am in awe of each of you.

Sending each of you much love and prayers that this disease will be recognized for what it is, and in the days to come awareness and support will be provided to help others.

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4 thoughts on “Overdose Awareness Day

  1. Thank you for this post Pat. I do hope it touches the many who are grieving the loss of their loved ones to a drug overdose. It is heart wrenching that so many beautiful lives have been lost due to this disease. Awareness and Prevention strategies hopefully will stem the tide. Blessings, Jean

  2. So proud of how bold you are in sharing your story, you indeed show HOPE during loss. Thank you for being brave! Today I honor and celebrate Melanie’s beautiful life and yours, as her amazing mother!!!!

    Blessings, Virginia

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