Broken Pieces

Today my calendar said, “Melanie – 2 yr. celebration.” Although I may not be celebrating with her, I truly believe she is celebrating her full recovery in heaven! When she died, it was truly heaven’s gain. She is now totally free from her struggle and finally at peace. And just like for anyone who lost someone they love, the missing never ends. I woke up with the words to the chorus of this song, “I Know” by Big Daddy Weave this morning: “I know that you are good. I know that you are kind.” I’ve never really listened to the words before today but once I did it brought my heart some peace as I continue to put myself and these broken pieces back together, with these sweet touches from my Heavenly Father. I hope it touches your heart today, too.

I don’t understand the sorrow

But you’re the calm within the storm

Sometime this weight is overwhelming

But I don’t carry it alone

You’re still close when I can’t feel you

I don’t have to be afraid

And though my eyes have never seen you

I’ve seen enough to say

I know that you are good

I know that you are kind

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One thought on “Broken Pieces

  1. Thank you Pat for sharing such a beautiful song. Music is a special gift that can lift us up and bring us comfort and peace. I am happy that it brought you some peace today. Jean

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